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AVI Joiner

Easy-to-use tool to join multiple AVI files into one larger AVI file
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20 March 2012

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This is a software utility that helps splice multiple video files in AVI format into one.

This is a tool to let you join multiple AVI files into one larger AVI file. This tool will join AVI files quite quickly and it does not affect the quality of the source content in any way. The output clip need not be re-compressed again. But, if you did need to recompress the output clip to any particular format, that is also possible. Required codec are built in into the utility and there is no need to download anything at all. The interface is well laid out. Controls are easily accessible. This is a batch processor. It could save you quite a bit of hassle by processing multiple files at a time.

The main screen has a large listing area. With each entry you get to see several parameters that will let you make sure you picked the right clips. These include, beside the file name, time duration, type, frame size in pixels, frame rate, audio sampling rate, and the folder name. The status line at the bottom of the screen show you the total duration of playtime and also the file name of the one selected, if any. Options screen lets you select several options to get the output the way you want. Beside the output file path and the choice if you want recompression or not, you could specify the size in pixels (H x W) frame rate, resize method, video codec and audio codec choices. This is a very good product and if you are looking for a tool like this, this could be it. Go ahead and try it out.

Publisher's description

Easy-to-use tool to join multiple AVI files into one larger AVI file. AVI Joiner is designed to join AVI files quickly, without reducing quality and without re-compression. You can also select any installed video or audio codec and recompress the desired file to any format that you prefer.
AVI Joiner
AVI Joiner
Version 2.03
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